Former auto-mechanic shop turned classic Ventura brewery. Our buildout and beer philosophy to “Shift Perception” share similar aspirations. Start with a strong historical foundation. Apply some modern-day innovation. And, to really make people take notice, rev up the creativity.

Great experiences complemented with great beer. Our greatest passions lie with brewing and drinking clean and balanced lagers and hop forward ales. Because we feel nothing goes better than views of the water, time with friends, or a night in the garage like a quintessential California coast beer.

Why make the trip? Any seat in our taproom puts you front and center of the beer making experience. Whatever you’re eying to drink, we got you covered with a wide variety of makes and styles on tap. We scaled up the brewhouse to a 30 barrel system designed to make the highest quality beer possible. Our second brewhouse is a 5 barrel playground for experimentation, education, and limited releases.