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Our beer philosophy is focused on creating balanced, delicious beers that leave you wanting more. We enjoy making (and drinking) German lagers (Helles, Vienna, Pilsner) which are challenging to make, but are very approachable, drinkable and appreciated by most beer drinkers.

We also enjoy hop-forward beers and will always have a number of options available.

Beer List

Graphic Yellow

Ventura HighWey

Mexican-Style Lager – 5.0%

Snappy, refreshing, and light.


German-Style Pilsner – 5.1%

Inspired by classic European lagers with floral hops and classic German malts. Light, crisp and very drinkable.

Fog Lights Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA – 6.7%

Juicy tropical fruit, and coconut. Full flavored, but leaves you wanting another.

Transmission Light

Rice Lager– 4.2%

Transmission Light is a clean, crisp dry, “I’ll have another”, light rice lager.

Lemon Law

Radler– 4.3%

This German style Radler brings so much to the table: light and crisp, but with a lemon tartness balanced by subtle fruit sweetness. Refreshing and easy to drink.


Marzen-Style- 5.6%

This is a traditional German lager served during Oktoberfest. Amber in appearance, toasted bread, and a malty sweetness balanced with a dry, mild. hop background. Its a great beer to enjoy as we head into those shorter, mild, fall evenings.


Red IPA- 7.5%

A richer and maltier IPA with caramel, toffee, and nutty flavors balancing a classically American hop profile of citrus, grapefruit, and pine.


German-Style Helles – 5.2%

Lightly bready and remarkably balanced.

3rd Wheel

Vienna Style Lager – 5.6%

This Vienna style lager combines a light malt sweetness with a crisp lager finish. Perfectly balanced and easy to enjoy.

Dyna IPA

West Coast IPA – 7.0%

Citrus, tropical, and a little pine. Bright and clean.

Front Street Stout

Milk Stout – 6.0%

Smooth, creamy, and rich. A perfect beer for these crisp fall evenings. Chocolate, with  slight coffee roastiness make this a go to.


Brown Ale- 6.5%

This deep amber brown ale is rich and toasty, yet smooth, strong, and subtly sweet.


Hazy Pale Ale- 5.7%

A hazy Pale Ale with Citra and Galaxy hops.


Pale Ale- 5.7%

California Pale Ale with hops taking the lead. Tropical fruit, citrus, and a little bit of pine.


Graphic Red

Thom Collins

Hard Seltzer – 5.0%

Meyer Lemon, lime, and botanicals.

Blood Orange Mule

Hard Seltzer – 5.0%

Blood orange, mint, and ginger. Snappy!

Apricot Fizz

Hard Seltzer – 5.0%

Apricot, champagne, and herbal notes.