Our beer

Our beer philosophy is focused on creating balanced, delicious beers that leave you wanting more. We enjoy making (and drinking) German lagers (Helles, Vienna, Pilsner) which are challenging to make, but are very approachable, drinkable and appreciated by most beer drinkers.

We also enjoy hop-forward beers and will always have a number of options available.

Beer List

Graphic Yellow

Transmission Light

Rice Lager– 4.2%

Award winning Transmission Light is a clean, crisp, dry, “I’ll have another”, light rice lager. Bronze medal winner at the 2022 World Beer Cup in the International Light Lager category.

Ventura HighWey

Mexican-Style Lager – 5.0%

Snappy, refreshing, and light.

Sal Buena Limetura

Mexican-Style Lager with sea salt and lime – 5.0%

Our Ventura Highwey Mexican lager with California sea salt and fresh lime juice added.

Fog Lights Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA – 6.7%

Juicy tropical fruit and coconut. Full flavored, but leaves you wanting another.

Front Street Stout

Milk Stout – 6.0%

Smooth, creamy, and rich. Chocolate with  slight coffee roastiness make this a go to.


Schwarzbier– 5.4%

Our black lager is the perfect winter combination of rich roasted malts with a clean and dry lager finish.


German-Style Helles – 5.2%

Lightly bready and remarkably balanced.


German-Style Pilsner – 5.1%

Inspired by classic European lagers with floral hops and classic German malts. Light, crisp and very drinkable.

Dyna IPA

West Coast IPA – 7.0%

Citrus, tropical, and a little pine. Bright and clean.

Southern Hemi

Pale Ale – 5.7%

A dry New Zealand-style pale ale. Displays quintessential New Zealand Tropical, citrus, and stone fruit hop characteristics. A blend of Nelson, Riwaka, pacific sunrise, and motueka hops.

Power Glide

Pale Ale – 6%

California Pale Ale with hops taking the lead. Tropical fruit, citrus, and a little bit of pine. Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Kohatu.

Blackberry Tart

Berliner Weisse – 4.6%

Fruited Berliner Weisse style beer with blackberry, raspberry, and lime


Brown Ale– 6.2%

Comforting malt flavors, mild bitterness, and a subtle hop flavor in the background.


Graphic Red

Blood Orange Mule

Hard Seltzer – 5.0%

Blood orange, mint, and ginger. Snappy!

Thom Collins

Hard Seltzer – 5.0%

A 90’s pool party in a glass. Inspired by the cocktail, this naturally flavored hard seltzer bursts with Meyer Lemon, Lime, Juniper and Floral notes.

Catalytic Margarita

Hard Seltzer – 10.0%

Oak Barrel aged hard seltzer. Fresh lime juice, bitter orange, and blue agave with light carbonation coming to you from a slushy machine.

Apricot Fizz

Hard Seltzer – 5.0%

Mmmmm, Fizzy. This hard seltzer is inspired by the Apricot Fizz cocktail. It is dry, refreshing, and unique.